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Note: The Weld Symbols program is included in the Base package of AutoSD Steel Detailing.


AutoSD Weld Symbols has a dialog box interface that allows you to create the entire weld symbol before placing it on your drawing. Each specific symbol may be saved for reuse, revising the previous symbol to create new ones. Welding Symbols are based on AWS specifications with complete control over every aspect of each symbol. The Settings dialog allows you to specify the physical properties for the various symbol components. A "weld window" within the dialog box displays the weld type selected and is updated as each component is selected when creating the weld symbol. You may attach user defined labels and notes directly from within the built-in edit boxes. Standard notes for pre qualified welds are built in for easy note selection.


To create a weld symbol, you will select the properties from the a dialog box. Various supplemental welding symbols can be added to the main weld types, including: All Around, Field Weld, Melt Through, Back or Backing, Consumable Insert and Joint With Backing. Each weld symbol can be labeled according to its type. Labeling is provided for both arrow and other sides of the welding symbol. A contour and finish symbol may be added to each type of weld. Contour types available include: Concave, Convex and Flush. Finish symbols may be selected for each contour.

The finishes available are: Chipping, Grinding, Hammering, Machining and Rolling.

Your own reference text may be typed in or you may select a predefined reference note. Up to three reference notes may be used on one weld symbol. Add parts of a weld symbol to an existing weld symbol already in the drawing. Add a leader to an existing weld symbol. Settings configuration provides access to the properties which may be changed and saved as an AutoSD Weld Symbol configuration. These settings include: Layer for the symbol and text, Arrow Block and Size for the leader, Text Style and Size for the labels and notes, Colors for the symbol and text and Scale Factor. You can allow multiple leaders and rotate the weld symbol. You can save, delete or restore a weld symbol and all of the characteristics that are specific to the weld.

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